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Codename: Chicago

Things I hate: – Googling “hp 1020 vista drivers” and coming across 1,000,000 posts from people who want to let me know they hate Microsoft but have no useful information to share. – Being told by HP that Microsoft’s new operating system does not support my laser printer (but don’t worry, we’re working on it), […]

ISPConfig and SSL Certificates (CentOS 4.4)

Goal: To use the same SSL certificate for your ISPConfig control panel on port 81, and on your web site running on port 80. (I’m writing this from memory, so if I’ve missed something, let me know.) 1. Do yourself a favor and perform a perfect setup of CentOS 4.4 and ISPConfig. When you’re running […]

Creating a Slave DNS Server (BIND9) in 6 easy steps*

* aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is the IP address of ns1.yourdomain.com. * named on ns1.yourdomain.com is already working, and has NS records for ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com. 1. In the global options block in /var/named.conf on ns1.yourdomain.com: Make sure notify yes; is present. This will tell BIND to notify the other name servers listed for each zone when there […]

Adding a new RAID1 array using mdadm

Goals: Add 2 new physical hard drives: /dev/hdc and /dev/hdd Create RAID1 mirror /dev/md6 Automatically mount new partition in /raid 1. fdisk one of the newly added hard drives: fdisk /dev/hdc n, p, 1, <enter>, <enter> t, fd w 2. dump new partition table to the other disk: sfdisk -d /dev/hdc | sfdisk /dev/hdd 3. […]