Procrastination and Firewalls

I was working on a post about downgrading a Gateway MX8711 from Vista to XP, but it was more fun to go through some old files and put the Smooth And Naked page back up…  Also fitting because Smoothwall 3 was just released.

Look Ma… No Fans!

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  1. Preston Moore
    Preston Moore says:

    Ok, I see…I was hoping for a little more speed in aquiring APs. Using it while driving was what I was looking for. If I have time, I will break the Buffalo down and give it a retry just for fun. I think your right about the GPIOs. It seems that all routers are not created equal, at least from what I have read. Apparently, the pinouts vary even within the same models. About as far as I got the first time was the card looked like it was formatting upon initialization. It then took a dive and I could never get into the card. Who knows? I mainly just like to tinker around.

  2. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    For the Buffalo mod, I remember it was fairly confusing getting the GPIO set up properly, but if you follow the info at, it does work. Play around with the GPIO tool through SSH to verify that the wires from the SD Card are connected to the LEDs they should be, and double-check which side of the LEDs that you soldered to. I think the ones near the top of the photo were ambiguous in the documentation, but it’s been a while now…

    Unfortunately (for you) I gave that router to a friend 3000 miles away so he can get free internet access, so I can’t check any settings for you. 🙁 I guess I need to build another one with one of the 1GB cards I have lying around.

    Also, the AutoAP script is fairly slow, so don’t expect to be able to use it while driving and have near-continuous internet access. It takes 4-5 minutes to acquire & test a new signal once it loses one…

  3. Preston Moore
    Preston Moore says:

    Ok…I see now…I was using Opera browser when I first clicked on the “naked” page. Opera I guess would not allow the pics to show. Figures, there is always something wrong with Opera.

    I am running Clarkconnect as my gateway here at the house. Works great and looks like i have 135 days up now. I had several servers pinging the Uptime Project. Too bad it went away. I am surprised nobody has come up with a new uptime tracking system. I still say it is strange how the project just ended. I think there was more to it other than the claimed bandwidth issues.

    Also, I tried your Buffalo mod to integrate AutoAP. Never did get it working. I could not get the router to recognize the SD card. I used several different cards, but had no luck. Maybe I will drag it out and throw it on the bench for another attempt.

  4. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    “Smooth and Naked” was a bunch of parts that I had lying around, and I thought it would be fun to see what kind of uptime I could manage using junk screwed to a piece of plywood. Now that the uptime project is retired, I don’t have the actual stats, but I think my record was around 140 days or so…

    I was using it mainly as a dial-up gatway for my home network, and playing around with Smoothwall mods, like uptime and ppled.

    Now I’m using a Centos 5 box to do all the neat stuff at home, so my smoothie is now retired also. (But I’m tempted to take a look at version 3 just to see what’s new…)

    If you haven’t already, check out to see the specs and some more pics.



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