We got a robot – a Roomba 530

Sometimes you get an idea, Canadian Tire has a sale and tada you have a brand new Roomba to play with.  In this case a Roomba 530.  The Roomba has been very well documented and there are plenty of reviews out there so I’m not going to do that here.

With a 16 month old & a cat running around the house, there is little time to clean most days and it doesn’t take long till the main floor gets full of crumbs, Cheerios and  assorted pet bits.  It’s still early days but our Roomba has been able to clean up very well after our little monsters and with significantly less effort than pulling out the hose for the central Vacuum.  It’s even been profitable as it has some loose change in its dust bin this morning.

For the record we have roughly 1800 square of living space.  Carpet and tile on the upper floor, hard wood on the main floor and laminate in the basement with an area rug and kids foam tiles.  The Roomba handles all of these with ease.  In fact the only problem Roomba has had so far is it high-centered itself on the base of a pedestal lamp – not too shabby.

I am sold on Roomba and would get another.

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